Individual And Corporate Christian Response Are Not Necessarily The Same

Going by the whole counsel of the Word of God on individual and corporate responses, they seem to be diametrically opposite.

While individually, we should not gloat over the demise of our enemies. Prov 24:17-18. Corporately we are told to rejoice over the demise of a corporate enemy. Rev 18:17-20.

Take another example.  The Ten Commandments forbid murder. But corporately, we still join the army to protect our nation against aggression and we have to kill in defense. We may have to take up whatever means to protect our communities in the face of persecution, even armed defense if necessary.

In the first few centuries during Roman times when the Christians were persecuted, they lived in underground cities. The origin of these cities were unknown but the early century Christians dug further most of the levels in these cities. Under these cities was a vast network of tunnels, connecting each home in the area to the city. When the area came under attack, families would flee to their basements, rush through the dark tunnels, and gather at the basement city.

“Unwary (enemy) soldiers could be caught in the many traps laid throughout the labyrinthine corridors, such as stones which could be rolled to block doorways, and holes in the ceiling through which spears could be dropped. Invaders were further outwitted by the Christian builders who made their tunnels narrow, forcing their enemies to fight, and be picked off, one by one.”  –

That revealed how the early Christians defended themselves against enemy invaders.


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