Mission Partnership With Kenyan Church

I got to know Pastor PW through a common Australian friend.  In early 2019,  I invited him to come to the pastoral conference in Batam, Indonesia to fellowship with the Indonesian churches as well as to go for the sustenance training conducted by the organisers in a farm that JC’s Manifesto Ministries was involved in its infancy days.  When he stayed over in Singapore, I introduced him to some Singaporean brothers in the hope that they might support his pastoral ministry.   And by the grace of our Lord, the Spirit of our Lord did convict these brothers to support his ministry.  He has since acquired a prayer centre and farmland.  The prayer centre now enables scores of pastors in the county to come regularly to pray together and the farmland provides sustenance and work for the church community too.  Such is the work of the Spirit God in training and spurring each one of us to love and good works collectively as we see the Day drawing near. All thanks and praise to our Lord Jesus.


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