Repentance and Saving Faith

Acts 8:9-24

Simon was another clear-cut example of one who professed faith in Jesus and was baptized, and yet had no saving faith. Evidence of the lack of saving faith were clear when Peter said :

1. He would end up in hell with his money.
2. He had no part in the ministry.
3. His heart was NOT right with God.
4. He had to REPENT and pray in the hope that Jesus would forgive !

The word Simony is derived from this story of Simon – just like how the word Sodomy came about from the story of Sodom – which is defined as the making of profit out of sacred things.

Today, the hyper grace false teachers are also making huge profit out of twisting the true gospel to pander to itching ears of followers who do not want to hear about a life of obedience and discipline in the Kingdom of God, especially REPENTANCE from a life led by sin into a life of holiness led by the Spirit. After Peter rebuked Simon of his sin and pointing out his illegitimate faith, there was no evidence that he had godly sorrow for his sin and repented as he only wanted Peter to pray for him to avoid the consequences of his sin.

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