Testimony (8)

Mark 10:27. Jesus looked at them and said, “With man it is impossible, but not with God. For all things are possible with God.”

It is difficult for me to share this episode of my life. But it had a very happy ending by the amazing grace of God. I am sharing this testimony in the hope of helping fellow believers who are going through such hurt in their relationship with their loved ones.

I grew up having a terrible relationship with my father. He was always quarreling with my mother over financial woes. We were impoverished because of his indolence and gambling habits. I never knew a day of peace growing up.

When I started my career, I contributed towards paying the mortgage of our Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment. One evening, I blew my top when I learned we might be evicted because we were in arrears of 13 months of mortgage payment. Later the HDB added the arrears due to the principal sum and recalculated our monthly mortgage payment after we had settled part of the arrears.

I just got married then. At the wedding dinner, I went on stage to thank my dad for bringing me up. I felt so hypocritical for making that speech in front of relatives, friends and colleagues.

Despite the sour relationship with my dad, I had always hoped to do well in life to support him and my mum.

I prayed often just for a stable career and improvement in our relationship. What seemed so impossible to me had become possible with God. He blessed me way beyond what I had prayed for.  All thanks and glory to Him !

I went on to do well in my career and I could pay up both the mortgage of my parents’ apartment and mine too in full.

Growing up with so much hurt, it is impossible to work on the relationship on our own effort. Many who suffered such hurt could testify to what I was going through.

I prayed often for the salvation of my parents too. I would sign up for any evangelistic dinner organized by any church to bring them along.

When my first son came after 7 years of marriage, things began to change. My wife and I would bring him often to see both his paternal and maternal grandparents over the weekend.

I really did not know when my relationship with my dad began to mend so much that I could really love him and care for him. All past hurts were not only forgiven but forgotten as well.

God is indeed faithful when we ask Him earnestly in prayer. What seemed so impossible to me had become possible with God. I am sure His Spirit has been working on my heart since as promised – when we come to Him with contrition acknowledging our helplessness and allowing Him to work on us. Praise His holy name !

It has been 11 years since my dad went to the Lord and I can still remember fondly the good times we had together.

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