The Do-Not-Be-Sin-Conscious Fallacy in Hyper Grace Gospel

I met a guy who boasted that he never have to worry about obeying the traffic rules for his father will readily pay up the summons should he violate any rule. Don’t you think it smacks of extreme self pride with scant regard for affecting others should his traffic offence cause any inconvenience to others at best or disaster at worst ? Any father with good sense will not want to spoil his child in such a way as to cause him or her to be so self centred just because he will readily pay for his or her traffic offence. How much worse is that “self righteous” attitude of the hyper grace believers towards God ? When they sin, all they need to do is to convince themselves in front of the mirror that they are righteous in God’s sight because Christ has paid for their sins. Is that the kind of attitude when we sin against God ? Where is the concern for the consequence of their sin in affecting the lives of others or straining relationship with God and men ? Where is the love for others ?

It is like when I do something wrong against my wife and I only have to tell myself I have absolutely nothing to worry as she has made a vow to be with me forever through all circumstances. She must continue to accept me because of her vow and see me as her perfect mate forever. Who in the right mind will believe the relationship will not be strained ? When I ask for her forgiveness to restore our relationship, it is not because I want my laundry done or my dinner cooked, but because I realized I have hurt her and I want to restore the relationship soonest possible. We know even from Scripture that if the husband has strained the relationship with his wife, God will not listen to his prayer. 1 Pet 3:7. Yet when we do not deal with our sin and confess to God, do you think He will listen to our prayers ? How terribly warped is this teaching !

If God’s redemptive plan of making Christ His Beloved Son suffer on the Cross to appease His own wrath and justice for sin is only for believers to be so indifferent to sin after they have believed, it just does not make any good common sense. The common retort is that the hyper grace false teachers never teach their believers to sin. Never ? Are you sure ? What they meant is that they never teach anyone to lie, cheat, steal or murder. But is not teaching one to be self centred and covetous of greater harm ?

Back to the traffic rules illustration. When we respect the lives of others and ourselves while driving, we naturally obey the traffic rules. Are the traffic rules so inhibitive that make driving so stressful akin to bondage ? Do most of the drivers worry themselves sick over the traffic rules ? Of course not. Because we know if everyone obeys the traffic rules, driving is less stressful. Look at driving on roads in major Chinese cities. Near accidents are so common, because of the lack of respect for traffic rules, which are even more stressful for all drivers. Due to selfish desire to get ahead of others, instead of going faster on the roads if they have obeyed the simple traffic rules and be considerate, conversely traffic is slowed down even more at junctions, slip roads, and even trunk roads. Doing away with the Law is like doing away with traffic rules. Does Right Belief doing away with the traffic rules imply Right Driving ? Nobody in his or her right mind will believe the roads are safe.

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