The Holiness of God

The holiness of God is the most difficult of all God’s attributes to explain, partly because it is one of His essential attributes that is not shared by man. We are created in God’s image, and we share many of His attributes, to a much lesser extent of course—love, mercy, faithfulness, etc. But some of God’s attributes will never be shared by created beings—omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, and holiness.
God’s holiness is what separates Him from all other beings, what makes Him separate and distinct from everything else. God’s holiness is more than just His perfection or sinless purity; it is the essence of His “other-ness,” His transcendence. God’s holiness embodies the mystery of His awesomeness and causes us to gaze in wonder at Him as we begin to comprehend just a little of His majesty.


As I read up on the evidence in cosmology, physics, astronomy, biochemistry and human consciousness, it gets so mind boggling for me that God will go to such an extent to make such an unique habitat for man against the backdrop of an apparently infinite universe. If we cannot see we are the crown of His creation, I think we are really not worthy of His love. Surely, He wants us to explore our habitat and eventually to find and know Him through it. This physical part of His creation only help us to see just a little of that majesty.

If we sum up all the probability of all the amazing precision for life to exist :

1. In the structure and composition of the solar system, galaxies and universe,

2. Of the earth’s location, its size, its composition, its structure, its atmosphere, its internal dynamics and its many intricate cycles that are essential to life – carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, calcium, sodium cycle, etc – which are so incredibly balanced,

3. Of the 26 essential elements life requires and the 16 elements of bacterium,

4. In the cell which can viewed as a factory that contains an elaborate network of interlocking assembly lines, each of which is composed of a set of large protein machines and they are rightly called machines because these protein assemblies contain highly coordinated moving parts,

we will have a probability far exceeding the number of stars in the universe which is already incredibly large. The point I am making is that there will not be another unique habitat like earth in the whole universe.

We are created in His image with several of His attributes – not limiting to love, mercy and faithfulness. This is the spiritual part of His creation that we begin to see more of that awesome majesty. And it is this spiritual part that He wants us to be more and more like Him.

This awesome physical creation and His invisible qualities are made known plainly to us and yet we suppress this Truth. Rom 1. Instead of glorifying and thanking Him, we are idiotic enough to pursue after the physical creation like it is god to us. We worship our own work. We worship our achievement. We worship our career. We worship our possessions. We worship ourselves. We think we are wise. We are fools of the worst kind.

If we can somehow grasp a little of this whole holiness of Him, we cannot help but to feel so unworthy before Him. His glory and His majesty or His holiness is too overwhelming for mortal creature like us to fully comprehend. Yet we think we know it all. We think we are the centre of our lives. The Creator God is only our imaginative invention.

And that really breaks His heart. How does a finite creature get so insolently far off his or her place in this whole creation ?

(If I am the infinite Creator looking at the arrogance, the self sufficiency, and the self-centredness of these insolently proud finite creatures of mine, I won’t hesitate to annihilate them like pests. Nothing to describe the broken-heartedness. Maybe the closest, humanly speaking, is to vomit blood.)

Instead of giving Him His deserved glory, we turn around and demand glory from Him….we fully deserve the coming tribulation…we fully deserve eternal damnation…

He did not give up on us. He came personally as the Way, the Truth and the Life. He has shown that despite being the Creator God, He can empty Himself for the sake of His creation. We only need to believe. We need to reverse our course and follow His course if we truly believe. We have only two courses. One is to live for our own glory and the other is to live for His glory. (Beware of the wicked teaching that we can both live for our own glory and His. That is a despicable lie.)

I pray we can see His eternal power and divine nature through His physical and spiritual creation enough to grasp a little of His majesty, His glory and His holiness; and then grasp His immense Love for us with such an elaborate effort (I cannot stress enough this elaborate effort). We are indeed the crown of His creation and we are definitely made for a better purpose than to eat, drink and be merry, and die…

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