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Sometime early last year, I got the prompting from God that I must not keep the message of the coming economic flood within the circles that He had opened doors for me. I tried to see if there were churches or individuals in Malaysia that would be interested to know this message and perhaps to help me write the book as a ghost writer. I read about Dr Lim Poh Ann, a general practitioner, writing regularly on Christian issues, especially the expose on error of false teaching. Knowing God had wanted me to write the message in a book, I approached Dr Lim. Eventually God’s Spirit guided me to write the book in a few days in May last year.

I continued to follow the Facebook discussion on Dr Lim’s groups and I saw the challenge from Pastor Samuel Wong of SOS Assembly church to do something concerning the error of false teaching. Without hesitation, I suggested that we meet up with likeminded brothers and sisters in Kuala Lumpur for a brainstorming session which came to be known as “Teh Tarik” session or tea or coffee fellowship.

It was divine appointment that God also sent a brother Cameron Russell from Australia to join us just for this meeting and a few more invaluable brothers from Kuala Lumpur who are involved in ministry in one way or another.

The result was the birth of the Facebook group End Time Bereans.

I see it as an important ministry of clearly showing the error of very subtle false teaching which our Lord warned us foremost to guard against the spiritual apostasy in the last days.  Luke 21: 8-9.  The spiritual deception will be so subtle and persuasive as to appeal to the itching ears. 2 Tim 4:3-4.11107368_1453585851599249_1641348523057816528_n

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