Testimony (25)

Matt 6:26

Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they ?

My family and I witnessed the amazing birth of a siskin hatchling over the past few weeks in December 2021, and the above promise of our Father resonated in our minds and gave us joy at the most opportune time.  This whole incident came at the time in which my youngest son was stressed up by the vaccine differentiated measures because he was unvaccinated. My family and I decided only to take the killed virus vaccine instead of the mRNA vaccine as not to violate God’s designed order for the cell DNA in my opinion.  But my youngest 17 year old son was not allowed to take the killed virus vaccine for the authorities only approved it for age of 18 and above. The unvaccinated were not allowed to enter any public amenities and could not return to work as well. My 22 year old nephew took the first mRNA vaccine jab and had the side effect of flaring eczema and in order to complete his vaccination since he could not continue with the mRNA vaccine, he was allowed to complete with the killed virus vaccine. Likewise for my son, who has chronic eczema like his cousin, if he takes the mRNA vaccine and gets the same side effect, won’t he be completing his vaccination with the killed virus vaccine as well ? So I appealed to the authorities to allow him to take the killed virus vaccine from the start, but it was rejected. When the differentiated measures were implemented in October 2021 to deny the unvaccinated access to eateries and public amenities, concession could still be given if one test negative for the rapid antigen test. To allow my son to continue to avoid such restriction measures, I was willing to pay for the antigen test. But all such concessions were removed on 1 Jan 2022. Nevertheless, I told him to persevere to trust in the Lord and suddenly concessions were reinstated unexpectedly from February for him in the school but not in the public amenities.  We gave thanks to the Lord for the partial relief nonetheless. Hallelujah !

In early March, he was infected with covid and was exempted from the vaccination for 6 months till August 2022. By then, he would be 18 of age.  With the exemption, he would not be subjected to the vaccine differentiated measures of not being allowed access to eateries or public amenities. Looking back, my youngest son did not suffer the vaccine differentiated measures for the whole time except for one month in Jan 2022. Hallelujah !

(I could not help but to note the irony of the constant official message that the benefits of taking the mRNA vaccine outweighed the risks when the disease was so mild and he was sent home from the polyclinic with just paracetamol and lozenges. On the contrary, the risks of myocarditis and pericarditis for taking the mRNA vaccine grossly outweighed the benefits in my opinion. The risks of myocarditis and pericarditis are included in the advisory of the mRNA vaccine. All the western capitalism states, including Singapore, only approved the mRNA vaccines. By the grace of God, Singapore was the only western capitalism state to deviate to approve also the use of the killed virus vaccine a few months later but continued to discourage by various measures. The killed virus vaccines were not included in the national program, so anyone taking them would have to pay for them in the private clinics. One needed to take 3 primary jabs instead of 2 for the mRNA because the official narrative was that the killed virus vaccine was inferior to the mRNA vaccine. The media also reported that the booster jab had to be a mRNA jab thus discouraging many from contemplating to take the killed virus vaccine.)

I faced the same differentiated measures from February 2022 because I did not want to take the third killed virus vaccine jab. The killed virus vaccine manufacturer only specified two jabs and yet the authorities here insisted on three primary jabs. I thanked the Lord also that I was also exempted from the differentiated measures after getting covid infected at the same time. Later when the authorities opened up the borders to tourists, they recognized two killed virus vaccine jabs as fully vaccinated so they had to align the same for citizens as well or it would be deemed as double standards violating constitutional rights too. Hallelujah !

All thanks and glory to the Lord for His deliverance yet again.

Postscript :

For the record, I am not against vaccination. I am only skeptical about the safety of the experimental vaccine of mRNA and viral vector vaccines but not the proven killed virus vaccines being in use for over a century. As it is a matter of conscience regarding the type of vaccines to vaccinate, we believers should allow each to decide for himself or herself without coercion. More importantly, I believe the mRNA vaccine violates the designed order of our Lord. The immune system is so created to mount defense against viruses by producing antibodies. But right now this experimental vaccine could instruct the cells to make the spiked proteins first (not a natural process) and also expect them to mount a defense against the spiked proteins by producing antibodies, thereby interfering with the natural function of the immune system. Common sense tells us that having natural immunity from actual covid infection should be the best and yet the authorities continue to push for booster jabs. Later studies proved that natural immunity is so much more protective. (https://www.reuters.com/business/healthcare-pharmaceuticals/prior-covid-infection-more-protective-than-vaccination-during-delta-surge-us-2022-01-19/)

Latest update : 26 Nov 2022

I felt vindicated in hindsight for sticking to common sense and conviction because recent studies done locally proved that the killed virus vaccine was more effective in protecting against severe disease. Even though 92% of the whole population was fully vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine, it did not stop transmission, so the official narrative changed from stopping transmission to protecting against severe disease and hospitalization as the justification for taking the mRNA vaccine. In conclusion, both the functions of preventing transmission and preventing severe diseases for the mRNA vaccine were not effective actually for the later covid variants.


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