Writing The Message, The Coming Economic Flood

How did I end up writing the book, The Coming Economic Flood ?

The publishing of the book was the beginning of a journey to formalize this ministry God had called me – JC’s Manifesto.

During the wee hours of one morning in May 2014,  I was so immersed in my quiet time with God that I felt God prompting me to write a book on the visions He had given me over the years.  I was not sure whether it was a voice speaking to my mind or whether it was words that flashed in my mind – only God knew.

I began to come up with excuses.  I argued that the given visions, which happened quite some years ago, would sound so incredible and I was not a product of the mainstream factory producing Christian ministers, so the book would not be well received.  Besides,  I doubted any local publisher would give me an offer.    But God spoke to me that blood would be on my hands if I would not share and the results should be the least of my concerns.

I prayed for removal of writer’s block, if any, and coherency in the story line if it was really His will.

Before I knew it,  over the next 6 to 7 nights,  I was able to write roughly a chapter each night from 12 midnight to 2 am.  Thanks be to God’s Spirit in guiding me along seamlessly.

At the same time, my wife helped to read up on the internet on how to get it published in USA.  Her feedback was anything but encouraging.  She said that the process was tedious.  Firstly, I must get in touch with a publisher’s agent to look into my manuscript to see if it is viable to be published.   After clearing the hurdle at the agent, the other hurdle is the submission of the work to selected publishers by the agent on my behalf.   Some publishers will not allow direct submission.   The whole process will take some 6 months to one year.  And when the work is accepted for publishing, it will take more time in editing, proofreading, typesetting and the whole process of production will take 3 to 6 months.

Again, I prayed to God that if it was really His will for me to write this book,  I must get a book offer fast and also to get the book on the shelf all in 6 months by December 2014 because the message had a deadline by September 2015.

Praise the Lord !  Hallelujah !   I really got the book offer from Charisma Media on June 3rd 2014 within a week upon submission and the book was published with the e-book and print version ready by November and December 2014 respectively.  It is now available at Wal-mart, Amazon, Google, Barnes and Noble, Christianbook.com, Armageddon Books, Charisma House, Rakuten and Alibris.

Last week, I was so surprised to see the book being available here in the local Christian bookstore in Junction 8 shopping mall.


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