Installation of Water Piping System in Myanmar

After visiting the three villages in one border town along the Myanmar-Yunnan border, hearing about their needs and praying for God’s provision,  my prayer was granted with love gifts coming in to install a water piping system in one village, to pay for renovation in a village church and to bless the missionaries and pastors of these village churches.  Hallelujah !  Praise the Lord !IMG_2657 IMG_2659

Preaching Commitment

Have committed this year to share on a regular basis at 4 to 5 congregations of Alfa Omega Ministries in various parts of the 2 big Riau Islands on Saturday and Sunday worship service.  Though hectic in moving from one congregation to another all in a Sunday, it is a joyful experience to share the Word of God and have fellowship with brothers and sisters in this province.

Have also committed to be on the duty roster to share regularly at Great Commission Church here.   IMG_2227[1] IMG_2240[1] IMG_2245[1] IMG_2251[1]

Mission Trip to Myanmar / Yunnan Border

11 May to 19 May 2015.

Trip to one of the poorest region in Myanmar situated at the eastern border with Yunnan Province, China.  It only had mountain track accessibility in recent years and we are glad to bring much assistance in basic needs to the least of our brothers in Christ. We are reminded that one day, Christ our Lord will not be asking us whether we have tithed faithfully or we have attended worship service faithfully, but whether we have done anything to help the least of our brothers.  Matt 25:31-46.  More than just obedience,  it is a privilege and joy to be our Lord’s vessels of blessings.

We were probably among the first foreign missionaries to reach the place in recent years.

We went through the dangerous mountain track of about 40 km traveling at very low speed.   We crossed over the mountain ridge at the peak of 10,000 feet which was still covered with melting snow.   Our team of 7 was poorly equipped as none of us knew about the climate and terrain before we set off.  Thanks be to God for His protection and presence.